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 Choose From Six Great Styles
All diploma frames are designed to fit the official York University issued DIPLOMA size 10 x 13; the size of the frame itself is 14 x 18.

IMPORTANT: CERTIFICATES are 8 1/2 x 10 and will NOT fit in this frame.



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Diplomat Plus Diploma Frame

Picture of Diplomat Plus Diploma Frame
Extra special detailing puts this style in a class all it's own.


Diplomat Diploma Frame

Picture of Diplomat Diploma Frame
Unique triple matting really lets your diploma stand out.


Rideau Diploma Frame (dark brown)

Picture of Rideau Diploma Frame (dark brown)
This recent addition is proving to be a winning combination with new grads.


Briarwood Diploma Frame

Picture of Briarwood Diploma Frame
A favourite with all grads this classic frame comes in mahogany or black.


Bostonian Diploma Frame

Picture of Bostonian Diploma Frame
This rich traditional style wood will stand the test of time.


Vogue Diploma Frame

Picture of Vogue Diploma Frame
A simply elegant choice.